Qwizdom Q2 Student Response System (each)

Q2 Student Response Systems


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Available sizes:

Qwizdom Student Response Systems allow teachers to pose a question to the class and receive student responses through the handset. They are designed to engage and motivate students while providing teachers with the tools to monitor and record progress.

The Qwizdom Q2 Response System, often known as remote, clicker, or voting system is the ideal piece of hardware for your classroom, training room, conference, or event. Ideal for assessing understanding, conducting quizzes and tests, and numeric questioning.


Allows teachers to pose a question to the class and receive student responses through the handset

Provides teachers with the tools to monitor and record student progress

Instantly know if your students understand what is being taught

Generate standards-mastery and performance reports for the whole class or individual students

Engage, motivate and empower each individual student

Everyone participates during classroom activities, even shy students can request help discreetly

Combine response system interactivity, customised presentations, formative assessments and online reporting into one complete solution

Interactive games make learning fun and create healthy competition for everyone involved

Allows teachers to perform small group and individual activities and tests to keep students focused

Save time by automatically marking homework and tests

Draw from thousands of free lessons and question sets or use your own print or digital material

Pose dynamic questions ‘on-the-fly’

Use private feedback (through teacher devices) to help guide students to understanding

Each remote offers an easy to use keypad, full text input and LCD screen to view full responses

Full text input available

Qwizdom Actionpoint – Windows Qwizdom Actionpoint Download the Actionpoint User Guide Windows Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 Office Requirements: Office PowerPoint 2003 (SP3), 2007 (SP3), 2010 (SP1), or 2013 Qwizdom Connect – Mac Qwizdom Connect Download the Qwizdom Connect for Mac OS XUser Guide Mac Requirements: OSX 10.6 or above Office Mac Requirements: Microsoft Office 2011

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