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XIMBUS™ for Google Drive™

We are redefining how lessons are created & delivered to modern classrooms


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The only locally installed presentation solution in the world that offers 70+ subject specific tools for teaching, 8 polling questions and tablet collaboration over a LAN.

Group Collaboration


Annotate & Collaborate

Instant Poll

Available sizes:

Ximbus is an education software developed by Qwizdom. 100% cloud based annotation solution, which is designed to integrate with your Google Drive™.

We are redefining how lessons are created & delivered to modern classrooms. Qwizdom began in 1984 with a science teacher who wanted to improve “in the moment” learning. He wanted to make the teaching process more efficient to save time for himself and his colleagues.

Ximbus connects to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, allowing you to add any content to your lesson. Add students to your lesson from Google Classroom or Microsoft teams


Build lessons quickly & easily

Enrich lessons with the freshest online content.

Students follow along on their own devices

Move around the classroom & get involved

Annotate, collaborate and poll students in 2 clicks

Multimedia Lessons

Students can review lesson content or resources before the class starts

Set Controls


Build Better Lessons

Login using your existing Google ID

Add docs, sheets, slides & images from your assets


View reports detailing individuals students progress through a self-paced lesson. View students responses to questions, how long a student has spent on a slide & how many times they have viewed your lesson.

Product Specification sheets