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Interactive solutions for education

We’re committed to transforming the way you teach using our Interactive Solutions to create engaging and dynamic lessons for your students.


At Technology Core we specialise in creating training geared to help teachers get the best from using our screens with software and hardware they already know and use.

This approach allows us to deliver interactive solutions tailored precisely to meet your requirements, and help you maximise the use from your equipment. From an extensive range, including HDi Interactive Screens, cutting-edge cameras, high-quality microphones, adaptable mobile trolley solutions, to customisable wall mounting options, Technology Core offers comprehensive coverage for the best classroom set-ups.

We’re dedicated to transforming the way schools teach to increase educational outcomes and keep learning engaging.

what make us different


Local support from staff that understand Australian early education providers, schools, TAFEs and Universities.

Best products in the market

Our Australian designed screens and locally made stands and trolleys are the highest quality products in the market.


Ongoing training to help your staff get the best from their technology using what you already have.

Why Choose Us

As an Australian-owned and operated company

Technology Core boasts a strong national presence, backed by over three decades of invaluable experience. We’re dedicated to partnering with you to revolutionise your work methods through our exclusive line of HDi Interactive Screens, simplifying collaboration, planning, and presentations with ease.
Our commitment extends beyond product delivery – our local ongoing training initiatives ensure that you harness the full potential of your technology. This keeps your staff well-versed in the latest trends, maximising efficiency and innovation.

In the rare event of an issue, our local support staff are ready to assist promptly, prioritising swift resolutions to minimise disruptions, getting you back to peak productivity in no time.


We tailor solutions for your school

We want your teachers to guide their students to succeed in learning with our solutions. We will work with you from the initial contact, through to installation and then training and support so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Need help picking the right
interactive technology solution?

Let us help you! Our professional team is always ready to guide you through anything you need assistance with and will make sure that it works for you.


We provide the best support

Our support staff are highly trained in providing the best support from our Australian offices. We know our product and will make sure that it works for you when you need it.

With our quick response and ability to get to attend your sites from our locations, our support is unmatched across the industry.

Client Testimonials

" The training was extremely well presented and made the IT department more confident with being able to use the interactive screen. "
VCE/Digitech Co-Ordinator
St Mary's College
"Peter was very quick to respond to questions that we had after the course and provided clear and concise visual support to let us solve our issues and use the technology. "
Rand Public School
" Thanks a lot for coming in a few weeks ago. We found it very useful and the staff and children are loving experimenting more with the interactive screens. We gained knowledge and feel much more confident to explore. "
Assistant Director
Kozy Kids Golden Grove

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