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Technology Core recycling tech for new purposes in Cambodia

Technology Core and the Australian Collaboration Cambodia charity group have been working together to supply refurbished HDi interactive screens and laptops to schools and universities in Cambodia, giving the technology a new lease of life and creating access to new solutions for students across the country.


What is the Repurposing Project?

Fewer than 1% of TVs in Australia are recycled each year. As the company responsible for the design, engineering and import of the HDi interactive screens, Technology Core are actively engaged in how to better e-waste or re-use technology across the supply chain. While most screens uninstalled by Technology Core’s technicians are sent to an e-waste recycling centre, some are refurbished to use in places that might not be able to afford new solutions, giving people a chance at using great technology to enhance their business or learning.

By partnering with Australian Collaboration Cambodia (ACC), Technology Core is delivering screens and ex-school laptops to Cambodian schools where they can give students a chance to learn with tech that would not ordinarily be within their budget.


Training to Get the Best from the Screens

To make sure that the screens are used to their full potential, training on-site when the screens are installed as well as follow up training by Google Meet during the year, will be given to the teachers using the screens in their schools.

In this way, the HDi screens will be used for more than displays letting students engage with what their teachers are showing them using simple apps that they already have available to them.

By giving in person and continuing online training, the teachers will be able to fully explore the power in using an interactive screen in their classrooms, and students get the chance to move beyond traditional rote learning.

How you can help

Technology Core is committed to continue building this project to help even more children benefit from having access to learning technology.

We are seeking donations of good working order laptops, iPads and desktop computers to give to the many schools the ACC works with.

Click the button below to contact us for more information or to help with the project.

Laptops and PCs

With typical funding for a school at $1USD per student, per year, laptops and PCs are extremely rare in Cambodian schools. In the rare cases they do have devices, they are usually utilised at a 1 laptop to 30+ students ratio. It doesn't matter if they are Windows, Apple or Chromebook devices, as they all can access the internet using a Chrome web browser.

Stationery Equipment

Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and notebooks are pretty much taken for granted in Australian schools but are a luxury for Cambodian children. The more access to these basic supplies, the better their chances of education to improve their outcomes later in life.

Financial Donations

If you are able to help financially, the ACC having fully registered charity status, would greatly appreciate what you can offer to allow them to continue their work in rebuilding schools to give students dedicated spaces to learn.

To donate, hit the link below :

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The Repurposing Project Progress

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