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The Screens Begin to Go in at Schools

Happy New Year!

The 2024 Cambodian refurbishing project has now commenced, and technology call are very proud to be involved with Australian collaborate Cambodia on this incredible project.

As part of the project, I have been invited to assist in Siem Reap in installing the refurbished screens that we’ve taken from our factory in China to the schools that we’ve been working with in Cambodia. I must admit, I am very used to westernised cultures and cities and towns and the experience I’ve had so far in coming into the country coming into Siem Reap city and then spending the day in Char Krom and Kra Lanh has been nothing but incredible.

My first day has been spent installing screens with my local Superman (for want of a better word as he’s incredible with his knowledge of the area, the country’s history and being able to work with anybody that we’ve come in contact with), Veasna Sun. Our first install in Char Krom didn’t quite go as smoothly as we’d hoped. To start with just a few hiccups with tools and getting things in the right places and in the right order. However, once we got on top of those little issues, the install went very quickly. We showed the Principal of the school. Lee,  how to use the screen with some basics using HDI note, as well as connecting his phone and his PC to the screen. He seems very taken with the technology but a little overwhelmed as he wasn’t quite sure where he was going to start. We’re going to go back to the school on Monday to invite other schools in the area who have the screens installed for a larger training session with Veasna translating so that we can get as much information to the staff in these schools as possible. Hopefully we can find a few champions among them that will take that technology and run with it.

(L-R) Peter, Phal Leng: Principal Char Krom Primary School and Sun Veasna: Our guide, translator

and all round expert!

We then went to Kra Lanh and installed a screen there where this install went much smoother as we knew what problems we would encounter and had already taken measures to sort that out. We did have to remove a blackboard completely and put it outside as the principal wanted to change that room into a multi-purpose room. The teacher who uses that room was not overly impressed as she was being kicked out of a space where we had to take all her carefully nailed posters on the wall where the screen was going, down. However, the principal and a few other staff members that were there watching us install the screen were amazed at what it could do just by using their phones to screen share, using HDI note for some whiteboarding and using some apps on their PC. They are also coming to the training session  for further information on Monday as well.

Children Interacting With HDi Screen

At lunch time we were lucky enough to go to a local in Char Krom who cooked an amazing lunch for us of stir-fried veggies,  these incredible pork dumplings in soup as well as sticky rice with banana in the middle for dessert with a sweet rice cracker. They are like prawn crackers but made from rice and sugar and then done on a grill. Amazing! Something I’ve never had before and something I really  hope to have again.

I’ll continue to update the blog as I travel this incredible country and experience the very different things that I am experiencing, and i hope you get a thrill from reading what we’ve done as well as the photos that i’m posting, and we hope for your continued support in 2024 when we can make the project even bigger in 2025.

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