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Empowering Learning Environments: The Integration of Agile Classroom Technology with HDi Interactive Solutions and LINAK

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational institutions and workplaces, the design of learning and meeting spaces undergoes continuous transformation. There is a growing demand for interactive technology that is versatile, adaptable across various settings, and ultimately more engaging for users.

This evolution often results in the need for large touchscreen displays that offer increased flexibility – whether they are mobile, adjustable to different heights, or capable of transitioning between horizontal and traditional upright orientations akin to the conventional ‘white board’ mode.

This versatility caters to diverse learning and collaborative needs, ensuring a seamless and dynamic experience for the end users across multiple spaces.

To bolster student engagement and focus, numerous schools are adopting interactive technologies like HDi Interactive screens. Yet, they often encounter multiple challenges when attempting to integrate these technologies into classrooms.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Agile Classroom Technology

TechnologyCore’s HDi Ergo trolley series, developed using LINAK® lifting systems, delivers robust mobile solutions, thus enhancing technology investments in schools and businesses.

Accommodating a range of screen sizes from 55″ to 105″, the height adjustable HDi trolley diversifies user experience. Additionally, TechnologyCore caters to accessibility with its Special Education trolleys for wheelchair users and adds versatility with the flagship 86″ tilt-to-table trolleys.

Specification Requirements for Agile HDi Trolleys

HDi trolleys prioritise sleek design, reliability, and ease-of-use. To meet these standards, TechnologyCore use the robust LINAK DESKLINE® DL12 three-stage lifting column, perfect for high-load ergonomic adjustments due to its 660-stroke capacity. The DL12 can support up to 70 kilos, suitable for the entire HDi screen range.

For larger screens, TechnologyCore uses the DL12XL with a one-metre stroke. To ensure stability and accommodate larger screen sizes, the DL12XL system can be increased to two, three or four columns, a feature utilised by some HDi ergo trolleys for the largest screens. The system even caters to the 110” display, lifting it for optimal viewing in large spaces.

HDi Trolleys Redefining User Experience with Linak Integration

TechnologyCore’s HDi ergo trolleys integrate the LINAK CBD6S control box due to its full compatibility with DL12 columns. Its lightweight, slim design, plug-and-play solution, low standby power (<0.1w), PVC-free construction, and low noise make it an ideal choice.

The trolleys also feature the user-friendly LINAK DPF1K control panel for an enhanced user experience. The control panel’s intuitive design has buttons shaped according to function allowing users to adjust screen height effortlessly while maintaining focus on their audience instead of the controls.

Maximising Interactive Tech Benefits With Safe, Tilting Trolleys

The tilt-to-table trolleys incorporate a compact, powerful LA23 actuator and a DPF2 control panel for screen reorientation. They accommodate 75” and 86” screens, offering a table mode for maximum user interaction and height adjustment for diverse audiences, fostering optimal usage of interactive technology.

Recognising the need for safety in school environments, TechnologyCore uses LINAK PIEZO anti-collision technology in the DL12 columns. This technology can detect both hard and soft obstacles, halting screen adjustment to avoid any potential damage during interaction.

Advancing alongside technology, TechnologyCore remains committed to creating cutting-edge mobility solutions for interactive screens. Through active customer feedback, they stay current, delivering the latest mobile presentation tools for schools and businesses to enhance everyday operations.