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Empowering Education: Grandma Rosie’s Day Care Transforms Learning with Interactive Touchscreens

Who are Grandma Rosies Day Care

Grandma Rosie’s Day Care is a well-known childcare provider serving the Wollongong community for several years. Their values of creating and fostering a culturally safe and inclusive environment have made them a strong name in the community. Recently, they have introduced a new technology initiative by installing HDi interactive screens across all five of their campuses. This initiative aims to facilitate student engagement and promote collaboration among the centres.


Electric Height Adjustable Touchscreens

To enhance the learning experience, each screen has been equipped with electric height-adjustable wall mounts, ensuring accessibility for all users. Whether student or teacher, these features enable a more immersive and tailored learning experience, aligning with Grandma Rosie’s ethos of inclusive education.

To ensure that the teachers are fully equipped to utilise the HDi interactive screens, our team at Technology Core has conducted interactive and engaging training sessions at all five campuses. These sessions allow teachers to learn new techniques and strategies to engage students in their lessons effectively. The teachers responded positively to the screens, expressing excitement and enthusiasm.

There are a plethora of apps built specifically for the Early Learning school environment, we have previously shared some of our favourites here : Touch Screen apps for Early Learning

The screens are very easy to use, and the training provided has given us lots of ways to provide engaging teaching methods. Using the screen is fun for both teachers and students.