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Adoption of HDi 75″ Flex Screens at Southern Support School, Tasmania

Southern Support School, located in Tasmania, has always been at the forefront of integrating technology into its teaching practices to enhance learning experiences for its students. In a bid to further this mission, the school recently adopted the HDi 75″ Flex screens equipped with a Windows OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) computer in two of its classrooms.

Implementation and Benefits

The introduction of the HDi 75″ Flex screens has revolutionised the way lessons are delivered at Southern Support School. These screens, paired with the Windows OPS computers, provide educators with complete control over the image, interface, and programs used during teaching sessions. This flexibility is crucial as it allows teachers to tailor their resources on screen to meet the diverse needs of their students, making learning more personalised and effective.

Monique Hamilton, a teacher at Southern Support School, reflected on the impact of the new technology, ‘My students are now engaging far better during whole class lessons, which is exciting to see!’

The integration of these screens means that teachers are no longer confined to static presentations. Instead, they can utilise dynamic, interactive content that can be easily manipulated on the large touch-sensitive surface. This interactive capability encourages students to engage directly with the material, helping to foster a more hands-on learning environment.

Training and Support

A significant factor in the successful implementation of the HDi 75″ Flex screens was the initial training and support session provided by Technology Core and our local Partner Phil Hughes Office Solutions. This session was instrumental in equipping the teachers with the necessary skills to make the most out of the new technology. During the training, teachers were introduced to a variety of creative and engaging ways to utilise the screens and OPS computers.

The new HDi Flex screen has really helped make a positive impact on the classroom by helping increase engagement rates with the students and offering them interactive opportunities to connect with content.

The training also covered essential aspects such as troubleshooting, customising the user interface, and integrating various educational programs. This comprehensive support ensured that teachers felt confident and hopefully inspired to explore the full potential of the HDi Flex screens in their teaching.

The team also took delivery of our herd of squishy cows to help with any incoming stress across the term!

The junior campus has very dated machines that really do need an upgrade. So far, this one has been brilliant, and I feel it is a superior product