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Learning with HDi

Essential tips using Windows 10 with interactive screen

How to connect your Windows device to the screen through the AirServer app

How to connect your computer to the HDi screen

How to send your HDi Note session in a email

How to save your HDi Note session on a USB stick

How to upload an external file on your HDi screen

How to upload a new app on your HDi screen

How to save your Whiteboarding session on your HDi screen

How to deactivate the interactive feature on your HDi screen

How to Ink using your Windows 10 device.

How to use HDi Note.

Side bar menu on HDi screen.

How to use your HDi Guide

How to turn on your screen.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams -
Whiteboard app comparison

Microsoft Whiteboard: 3 Tips

Air Server

How to use AirServer app

AirServer Now Touch!

Sharing content between AirServer &
HDi edge screens

AirServer connect + HDi edge introduction

HDi connect

HDi connect - pairing steps

HDi connect plus - pairing steps

Vivi™ — Wireless content sharing

Vivi™ Introduction and set up

Qwizdom OKTOPUS™

Oktopus™ overview

Starting a collaboration session

Toolset overview

The quick tool palette

Ximbus™ for Google Drive™

Teacher login explained

Student login explained

Guest login explained

Presentation features explained

Lesson management

How to build a time line

How to share a collaboration session

Upload a CSV file to Google contacts for Ximbus

Document types explained

Google classroom integration

Multi Touch Screen

HDi multi-touch screen case study

Features of the HDi interactive whiteboard

Overview of the HDi Mobi™ Elite

HDi Interactive Whiteboards

Calibrating a HDi interactive whiteboard

Setting up a HDi interactive whiteboard

Introduction to HDi interactive whiteboards

Display Note

A guide to Display Note