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Microsoft Whiteboard

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams -
Whiteboard app comparison

Microsoft Whiteboard: 3 Tips

Air Server

How to use AirServer app

AirServer Now Touch!

Sharing content between AirServer &
HDi edge screens

AirServer connect + HDi edge introduction

HDi connect

HDi connect - pairing steps

HDi connect plus - pairing steps

Qwizdom OKTOPUS™

Oktopus™ overview

Starting a collaboration session

Toolset overview

The quick tool palette

Multi Touch Screen

HDi multi-touch screen case study

Features of the HDi interactive whiteboard

Overview of the HDi Mobi™ Elite

HDi Interactive Whiteboards

Calibrating a HDi interactive whiteboard

Setting up a HDi interactive whiteboard

Introduction to HDi interactive whiteboards

Display Note

A guide to Display Note