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Epson ELP-DC07 Document Camera (NSW)

Portable visualiser


Captivate any classroom with the easy, affordable Epson® DC-07 document camera. This portable performer makes it simple to capture and display documents, 3D objects or experiments.

8x digital zoom

Full HD Camera

Head rotation

Product weight

Available sizes:

Let a wide audience get up close to your source material with the Epson ELPDC07 visualiser. Delivering high-quality images, this portable and adaptable camera sets up quickly and can be connected directly to the latest Epson projectors.

Share high-quality visuals including detailed diagrams and textbook pages with a Full HD 1080p output and 8x digital zoom. You can even adjust the height and rotate the camera 90º to accommodate 3D objects. For science lessons, the supplied microscope attachment can also be used to unveil fascinating microscopic worlds in real-time.


Full HD 1080p camera

30-frames-per-second screen refresh rate

8x digital zoom

One-touch auto focus and freeze function

Two-in-one USB cable connection

Adjustable height

90º head rotation

Microscope attachment

Portable design

Weighs less than 1Kg

Soft carry case included

Powerful Tool for Any User

Bright and Detailed images

With a large, highly efficient 1/2.7″ CMOS imaging sensor, the ELP-DC07 delivers bright images with high quality that will bring life to classroom activities. Paired with 8x digital zoom capabilities, capturing the finest details of an object is a breeze. With a maximum capture area 275 x 491mm at 1080p resolution, the ELP-DC07 can also cover large objects without any trouble. At 30 frames per second the ELP-DC07 can now show clear and sharper images at a faster speed.

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