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HDi Acoustic System

DECT technology Acoustic System

The HDI Acoustic System can be added to any existing sound system whether in a classroom, conference room or banquet room.

TechnologyCore Mic

High reliability RF technology Microphone


Hearing Augmentation Aid

TechnologyCore Warranty

1 year of warranty

Available sizes:

The HDi Acoustic System is a wonderful blend of technology, features, ease-of-use, and convenience. HDi Acoustic is available in stand-alone configurations for classrooms and meeting rooms with existing display technology. 

Both the stand-alone and embedded versions of HDi Acoustic can support up to four microphones, in any combination of Acoustic Presenter Microphones and Acoustic Audience Microphones. 


60mt range with DECT technology

Microphone receiver – 4 wireless mics simultaneously

Assistive Listening Transmitter included as standard

60 W audio power

Fully networked, no extras needed

High reliability RF technology

One-button pairing

10-hour full-charge operation

4-hour use from a one-hour quick charge

Comprehensive speaker solution

Inputs for third-party external microphone

Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) supported at 20W audio power

HDi Acoustic Presenter and Audience Microphones

The HDi Acoustic Presenter Microphone is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and lightweight enough to be comfortably worn on the included lanyard.  It also includes Page-up/Page-down buttons on the side to make it easier for a presenter to roam the presentation without needing to carry along a “clicker.”  And The HDi Acoustic Audience Microphone fits comfortably on a hand and has a non-slip coating on the sides and back.