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HDi Flex

Australia’s brightest and most secure interactive touchscreen

HDi-65 Flex / HDi-75 Flex / HDi-86 Flex

HDi Flex has the flexibility to set a new standard for versatility in the industry. Its dynamic technology is designated to elevate productivity and engagement across various sectors.

Exceptional Brightness

Ultra-Secure Screen

4 mm toughened glass

4K Resolution

Available sizes:

HDi Flex is Australia’s brightest and most secure interactive touchscreen, boasting 4K resolution, 32 points of touch, and toughened glass for unparalleled durability in any environment. With a unique 500 nits brightness, the Flex stands out as one of the few touchscreens on the market considered ‘sunlight readable’.

For security-conscious users, the HDi Flex offers the most secure solution with no Android operating system embedded ensuring the Flex is driven by a computer of your choice.


500 nits brightness

No onboard Android operating system

4K native resolution (3840 x 2160 px)

Integrated Mini OPS Slot (Mini OPS units sold separately)

5 years warranty

4mm toughened glass

Multi-touch — Up to 32 touch points

Australian made mobility solutions available

Available in 65”, 75” and 86”

Exceptional Brightness of 500 nits

The HDi Flex is a unique touchscreen with an exceptional brightness of 500 nits, making it one of the markets considered to be “sunlight readable”. This exceptional feature allows users to comfortably use the touchscreen, even in bright sunlight, without strain or difficulty in visibility.