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HDi Mini Block

New interactive table designed for children

HDI-Think Block

HDi Mini Block allows children to play and learn educational and multimedia contents on one display.

Full HD - High Quality Display

10 Touch Points

Android OS

Educational / Play application

Available sizes:

The HDi Mini Block is a new interactive table designed for children. This table allows children to play and learn educational and multimedia content together on one display.

HDi Mini Block incorporates up to 10 touch points for simultaneous uses. Also supports wired / wireless internet and Bluetooth network environments.

It is based on the Android OS system. Educational content and games for children can be downloaded and used freely
at any time from the App Store.


Full HD, high quality display

Up to 10 touch points

Supports Android OS system

Includes learning and education applications

Smooth, seamless touch sensitivity

Fun and neat design tailored for children

Environment-friendly material

Structurally stable design

Rounded edges and flat top surface for children safety

Strong and high durability waterproofed top screen

Ready to use without sensor calibration

1 Year on-site warranty

Interactive multi touch table

Multi touch screen with high transmittance. Full HD and clear industrial 32-inch display; incorporate an intuitive and natural touch experience, it has up to 10 touch points simultaneous.

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