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Panasonic EQ1 Series – Electric height-adjustment trolley

Panasonic EQ1 Series Display + Electric height-adjustment trolley


The HDi Mobi series is proudly engineered and manufactured here in Australia to enable our customers to make the most out of their multi touch technology.

4K Resolution

Built-in Speakers

Height adjustable

Mobility Options

Available sizes:

The EQ1 series features a thin and stylish design offering high-quality digital signage with easy installation and high connectivity. Ideal for shopping centres, showrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms. From 43″ to 86”, 350 cd/m2, narrow bezel and 4K LED panel for excellent visibility. Large 4K professional entry display Thin and stylish design offering high-level digital signage with easy installation and high connectivity.

The EQ1 Series features a built-in USB media player that enables 4K video, still image and full HD content playback without needing external cables or a set-up box. Insert a USB memory device and edit a playlist with photographs and video files without using a PC and schedule the content to display in a specified order via the free Content Management Software. The cloning function makes it easy to copy the settings information from a master display via a USB device or LAN cable to synchronize playback on multiple displays, significantly reducing set up time.


4k ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 px)

HDMI TYPE-A Connector x 2

Supports LAN control connection

Built-in speakers

Aspect Ratio 16:9

Brightness 350 cd/m2

High quality steel construction, tough and rugged

Low noise electric actuators with safety controllers

Gross weight: 53kgs

3 years warranty on trolley

Lockable wheels

Manufactured and designed in Australia

Finger-touch height adjustment

The new HDi ergo series offers the widest range of movement and flexibility to make the most of interactive technology. With the HDi ergo series you optimise the use of your space by moving around your solution and adjusting ergonomically the height at your convenience. This series is proudly engineered and manufactured in Australia ensuring stock availability and high-quality resources.