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Projection whiteboard

Suits wall-mount or stand


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Our boards come with a minimum of 4-touch capability providing the user access to a number of user-friendly gesture recognition tools.

TechnologyCore Writing

Writing/Projection surface

TechnologyCore Scratch Resistant

Scratch resistant surface

TechnologyCore Low Glare

Low glare projection surface

TechnologyCore Warranty

1 Year warranty

Available sizes:

HDi Projection Whiteboards are designed especially for use with a Standard Projector and Interactive Projectors.

The clear surface of HDi Projection Whiteboards offers better pictures or image reproduction.  Being a whiteboard also allows the added convenience of a ordinary dry erase whiteboard.

HDi Projection Whiteboard is the correct board when the main usage is writing and it offers you better projection reproduction than a normal whiteboard.

The surface accepts magnets and has a lifetime guarantee.

Each board has an aluminium trim and rounded plastic corners incorporating a concealed fixing system

Projection whiteboard


16:9 aspect ratio

Writing/Projection surface

Suits Epson interactive projectors

1 Year warranty

Includes sensor mount

Total Size 95"

Hardy - Scratch resistant surface

Low glare projection surface

Work temperature -10 °C to 45 °C

Writing stylus. Pen, finger, pointer and any other opaque objects

Voltage. DC 4.6V- 5.0V

Bezel Thickness 24.5mm

Product Specification sheets