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HDi Collaboration Master 105″

Interactive display for wall-mount or stand


HDi  Collaboration Master incorporates 20 points of touch with the slimmest IR screen on the market.

5K Resolution

Slim IR Technology

4 mm toughened glass

21:9 Aspect ratio

Available sizes:

The HDi Collaboration Master brings a unique 5K resolution (5120 x 2880px) with an Ultra-wide screen format (21:9) to provide an ideal medium for presentation, interaction, and collaboration with different sources.

The Ultra-wide aspect ratio offers more horizontal space to work with, which proves to be exceptionally useful in productivity tasks and hybrid meetings. You can have two or more full-size windows open for better multitasking across multiple apps so everyone can participate.

With the slimmest IR screen on the market, the HDi Collaboration Master is a full multi-touch screen and incorporates 20 points of touch.

Complete with Windows mini-OPS (sold separately), the system is completely plug-and-play, with no drivers necessary for the interaction. All HDi screens work natively with Windows, OSX and Linux based operating systems.

HDi Collaboration Master comes ready for easy wall or trolley installation.


5K native resolution (5120 x 2880px)

Optical Slim IR Technology

Multi-touch — Up to 20 touch points

21:9 Aspect ratio

2 x 10 Watts integrated speakers

4mm toughened glass

Integrated Mini OPS Slot (Mini OPS units sold separately)

Mini OPS available for great performance

Ready for easy wall or trolley installation

Australian made mobility solutions available

3 years warranty

Increased Screen Real Estate

With its unique 5K screen, the HDi Collaboration Master is a 21:9 interactive ultra-wide screen that offers a substantially larger screen real estate space compared to a conventional 4K 16:9 screen. This enables you to have multiple windows open simultaneously, facilitating multitasking in situations where different applications need to be visible and available to everyone at the same time.

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