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Hewett Primary School SA on impact of their new HDi Edge screens in the classroom

Hewett Primary School on impact of their new HDi Edge screens in the classroom – we speak to the teachers who use them

Hewett Primary School have been using HDi touch screens since January this year. The school is based in Hewett, just North of Gawler in South Australia.

We love to talk about the impact our HDi screens and trolleys have in the classroom.

However, we love it even more when our schools tell us about how they use our technology!

So who better to discuss the impact of HDi technology in the classroom?

When we released the HDi Edge screen series, the plan was to provide teachers with a brighter, more accurate and easier to use touch screen than ever before.

We knew if we could do this, teachers would have a great chance to engage their students around the content they were delivering in the classroom.  

"The screens are fantastic - easy to use, bright and the class are always engaged when using all the different features."

"The interactive screen has been an amazing addition to my classroom allowing deeper engagement and hands on experiences for my students. The features and accuracy when using the pen has opened a whole new way of learning."

"The HDi screen complements my classroom learning program well. The screen is large and image quality is excellent. It is versatile as I can directly connect my laptop to the screen to present PowerPoints, presentations or directly saved clips and videos which I can manage interactively with the touch screen. Then with the HDi Note feature it quickly turns into a whiteboard for me to record our thoughts and ideas. I can even save these to refer back to later. It is very user friendly and an asset to my classroom practice."

It is great to hear some of the different ways HDi technology is positively impacting the classroom.