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Kingsley Park Primary School and HDi technology

Located along the Mornington Peninsula, 42 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne, you will find Kingsley Park Primary School in Frankston. The school has recently refurbished many of its buildings, creating a warm and welcoming environment for students and staff to collaborate in.

The School has a core set of values that it bases it’s teaching around, which helps their students become mature and respectful learners with a strong sense of community. This is made evident by the student leadership group who take great pride in their school.

In amongst the quality teaching, Kingsley Park have implemented interactive technology in order to establish a more collaborative and engaging approach to classroom lessons.

“We’ve got interactive screens in nearly every classroom in the school”

Kingsley Park are utilising the HDi Edge Interactive screens across a variety of disciplines with various age groups in order to stimulate visual learning and allow students to collaborate with each other and their teachers.

“I personally couldn’t work without them, they’ve been engrained in everything I do.”

With children these days digesting the majority of the content they view online, they are naturally becoming increasingly visual learners. Therefore it makes complete sense to implement interactive digital technology within their lessons, it drastically increases their engagement and allows them to have fun while learning.

“ [The Screens] bring a real engagement factor for the children, and it’s really interesting for the staff to use that technology and comment that they couldn’t go back now! ”

Take a look at our short video which explains further how schools can properly incorporate interactive technology into their teaching.