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Maintaining Productivity while Working Remotely

Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, an increasing number of employees are choosing to, or being made to, work remotely. This presents a list of challenges for businesses, specifically in relation to maintaining the productivity and accessibility of their employees.

This problem is presented through multiple avenues, one being that colleagues are now no longer in a communal and collaborative environment. This restricts communication between employees and eliminates the ability to have team wide, ad hoc meetings, in which everyone is collaborating and sharing ideas.

Another issue is the fact that travel is becoming increasingly limited. This poses two threats; Firstly, employees may lose accessibility of their co-workers, especially in cases where interstate or international offices need to collaborate. Secondly it may deter client interaction, which otherwise would be of no issue.

So what’s the solution?

Interactive video conferencing.

Establishing a functional interactive video conferencing system within your organisation will provide you a solution to all the aforementioned issues.

Video conferencing allows you to hold and maintain face to face meetings, without the requirement of travelling to clients, or between offices.

You are able to invite multiple participants at once, allowing you all to collaborate and share ideas simultaneously.

However, you are able to further your video conferencing system through the use of an interactive screen.

When used in conjunction with video conferencing platforms, an interactive screen increases both the collaborative nature, and engagement levels, within your meetings.

The interactive screen will allow participants to communicate and collaborative on ideas, on the same canvas, simultaneously.

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