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PH Financial services and PCAP technology

PH financial
PH Financial is a company committed to forming close partnerships with their clients, enabling them to understand a client’s unique situation and customise their services to suit specific requirements. Valuing the one-on-one relationship they have with their clients, PH Financial feels it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to offer a great service to clients. Technology Core recently supplied Steve Pride (Managing Director) and his team with the latest in PCAP (capacitive touch) multi-touch screen technology. The HDi PCAP multi-touch screen, situated in the main meeting room, is a great solution that has been used to explain how the company operates and the different services they offer. This can now be done via a large format interactive screen in a much more visual and interactive way.
We are in the process of turning a piece of paper into a digital presentation. I can now emulate what I can do on my laptop on a much larger scale using the touch screen Steve Pride
Moving from the traditional method of drawing on paper, the company can now ink onto documents and illustrate ideas via their laptop or directly from the HDi multi-touch screen. Steve finds this a more effective way of communicating the various services the company offers its clients.
I like explaining graphically to the clients so they get a visual representation of what we are discussing. Everybody is different in how they take in information, as everybody is different in how they retain information. It’s more about passing on that knowledge in a more effective way Steve pride
The HDi PCAP multi-touch screen emulates the features of a tablet or smartphone already utilised in most companies. This means the adoption of the HDi PCAP screen is quick and easy for users. It works hand in hand with Windows 10 so that Steve and his team can now easily create, present, and print from the screen at the centre of their dynamic meeting space.